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How to move multiple app icons and folders on your iPhone at the same time


You have to agree that moving apps and icons from one end to the other on the iPhone is quite a task and it is no simple task to undertake especially if you want to move more than one of those at a time. So moving say 5-6 apps icons one at a time is a real test of patience. But all that is the thing of the past with the new Cydia jailbreak tweak available to us, the MulticonMover+.
Those who all are familiar with the MulticonMover will know that this is the upgraded version of the original MulticonMover at a premium. The basic version is available for free while the “+” version is available at a small premium of $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. And what MulticonMover+ brings is the additional option of moving folders as well along with app icons.
Now the functioning of MulticonMover is very simple. All you got to do is get the MulticonMover+ tweak from the Cydia store and once there, switch the toggle on the preference settings of the stock Settings menu. Then when you long press on any of the icons, the home screen goes into wiggle mode. Once in the wiggle mode, then you can just tap on the icons or the folders that you wish to move. After all of them are selected just swipe the screen to whichever page you want them moved and on reaching the destination simply press the home button.
That’s all you need to do all the marked folders and app icons will be moved to that page. This way you can move multiple icons and folders at the same time saving a lot of time and effort; not to mention all that frustration due to mistyping.
Now in the settings preference of MulticonMover, you will find many customization options. Let us check them out one by one. On the top you can check out Markers. Inside markers there are two options, Check marks and Numbers. What it does it that, when you choose checkmarks and select the icons, it shows small red check marks on the icons which you have selected to move. In case of numbers selection, it gives the icons numbers in the order of you choosing them and hence while moving, they will be moved in that particular order. For example, if you choose WhatsApp, hike and Candy Crush and Hike is selected first, then Candy Crush and finally WhatsApp, then while moving the order will be Hike, Candy Crush and WhatsApp.

MultiIconMover Preferences
After that there is a toggle switch to allow moving of folders and also if you wish to open folders to move individual icons in them, then you can select whether to open them with a single tap after selection of double tap.
Below that are icon options like toggle to enable moving of icons on the same page and a toggle to allow icons to go on to the next page if the destination page becomes full. And then there is the selection option which gives you the option to move the icons to either the top of the page or the bottom of the destination page depending on your own preferences.
So this is how this amazing Cydia jailbreak tweak MulticonMover+ works. If you do not want to spend money on it, you can always get the basic version for free minus the option to move folders. So if you are tired of all the frustrating task of moving your apps icons, then head immediately to the Cydia Store and get this amazing jailbreak tweak for your iPhone.

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