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Launch your Favorite apps from the Lock screen with BerryC8



We love tweaks that reduce our efforts and allow for greater accessibility to our iPhones, especially those which work quite in tandem with TouchID. One such jailbreak tweak that we have here today is the BerryC8. What is special with this jailbreak tweak is that it is cool and it is free. So yes, you can get it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository as of immediately. Let’s check out what BerryC8 can do in detail.

What BerryC8 does is that it gives the user more power in his/her hands. It allows us to launch applications directly from the lockscreen. And no, it still protects the device from others peeking in through its stick security control; and that even includes TouchID. So how does BerryC8 reduce effort you ask? Take this for instance, to open any app, first of all you unlock your device, and then browse your app pages to get to the icon you want and then launch an app. That takes something about 3 steps and 30 seconds of your time on an average.

BerryC8 simple brings the app icon to your lockscreen from where you simply launch the app and then unlock your device and you are in. This not only reduces one step, but also saves over 15 seconds of your time. But, it does perform differently in devices with TouchID and non-TouchID devices.

Say if you have this Cydia tweak on your iPhone 5S and above with TouchID, then when you select the app icon on the lockscreen, then drag it down towards the edge and simultaneously drag your finger on the TouchID to unlock. In case of non-TouchID phones, you just have to select the app icon on the lockscreen and then the stock passcode setting will come up where you can put in the passcode and you are directly in the app.

BerryC8 jailbreak tweak gets its own preference pane in the stock settings app from where you can control it as per your liking from the provided settings. You have a toggle to enable or disable BerryC8. Then there is the App Shortcuts option from where you can select upto 8 icons to feature on the lockscreen. The one thing here is that you can see only 4 icons at a time, so to access the other list, you need to swipe left or right to access the other page.

There is also an auto-unlock option provided so that the unlock step can be skipped. But that is completely in the hands of the user. So all in all BerryC8 jailbreak Cydia tweak is a cool free tweak available for iOS 8 as of now. Hopefully the coming updates will bring the feature for lower versions of iOS. But for now we are pretty happy with the tweak out there.

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