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iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak Status Update

iOS 8.1.3 update featured

iOS 8.1.3jailbreak status
Apple recently released the new update for its iOS 8, the 8.1.3. Now this is good news for all the Apple users but it can’t be a worse nightmare in the jailbreak community and users alike. Apparently, Apple have gone a pretty smart way and have patched up all the iOS vulnerabilities that were being used by both the TaiG and Pangu team to jailbreak the iOS 8.1.2 version. Now with the latest press release from Apple a couple of days back states that if you happen to have reverted to iOS 8.1.3, you won’t be able to revert back to 8.1.2 anymore because Apple has signed off that release of the OS.
Now with the latest iOS 8.1.3, all the teams across the world including Pangu, TaiG and PP are hard at work trying to crack the 8.1.3 version by using a different set of vulnerabilities but it is definitely going to be a tough task out there. So for the time being if any of the users have accidently gone over to the iOS 8.1.3 version, please try and revert back using iTunes if it is still available for you to do so.
For all other jailbreakers’ community across the world, please refrain from the iOS 8.1.3 version and stay on the 8.1.2 version. Other jailbreak users who have not been able to or haven’t made the switch to iOS 8.x as of yet, do not update your devices anytime soon. Stay put until either the 8.1.3 version can be jailbroken or else the further version of iOS is released.
Luckily devices running lower versions of iOS like the iPhone 4S and below will be able to still access the jailbreak iOS 7 and can enjoy uninterrupted service. Now the only one thing left to be seen will be if Apple released iOS 8.2 or moves on to the completely new series of iOS 9; time will tell. Until then, all those of you who have still not upgraded from iOS 8.1.2, please stay putt. For all others who happened to upgrade and cannot downgrade anymore, our sympathies are with you.

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