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How to create a System Image Backup in Windows 10


You might need a backup of your computer if in any case, you lost your files and data. System Image Backup in Windows 10, is there to help you to backup of your PC and restore that later when you need it. System Image Backup replicate everything of Windows including the Program Files, Data Files, Boot Program as well as the OS itself into a compressed file. The file size may vary depending on the number and size of your files.

You should create System Image Backup of your PC at least three times in a year. You can store the compressed backup files into external hard drive or burn to DVD.

Remember this does not backup of your files like photo, music or movies. If you need to backup of those files, then you can use any other backup solution, for example, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.


How to create a System Image Backup in Windows 10

  1. First, plug in your external hard drive. Make sure windows can access it, and it has enough free space.
  2. Click on Start button and click Settings (Control Panel).
  3. Click File History from the Control Panel.  
  4. In the File History window, you will find System Image Backup link at the bottom left corner. Click on that.
  5. The backup wizard will be prompted. In the wizard, there are three options to save your backup file. Choose your comfortable one and click Next.
  6. Finally, check backup settings and click Start Backup.

Hope this helps you. Please comment below if you have any question.

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