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Get a cool dock on your iOS device with Harbor

Harbor cydia tweak iOS 8

We all have been struggling with finding the apps on out iPhones which we use most regularly, especially when they are spread out in multiple pages. So as a simpler option to it, we now have a new jailbreak tweak available called Harbor. This is a pretty cool tweak out there for your iPhones where you get a slick Mac type dock on your iPhone screen where you can store all your apps which you need on a regular basis. This way not only it makes it easy to reach the apps you need, but also saves a lot of space on your Homescreen as well.
Now the functioning of Harbor jailbreak tweak is really simple. You can get Harbor from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $2.99; yes, it is not free, but it is definitely worth every penny you spend on it. After downloading the tweak on your iPhone, you can go into the stock settings menu and find a preference option for Harbor and in there you will find a toggle to enable or disable the dock. You do need to respring upon enabling or disabling, but it is not big deal.
Once the dock is up and active, all you need to do it go into wiggle mode and simply drag and drop the icons you want in the dock. Just like the Mac X version, you can drop in infinite number of app icons. The icons simply shrink in size to accommodate all the icons in the limited space which happens automatically. Though when you slide your finger over then dock, the icons do come up and expand in size to clearly check out which app that is.

Harbor cydia tweak iOS 8
This is a pretty cool Cydia tweak for your iPhone which you can get to make your life operating the iPhone a lot easier and also give you that cool Mac X feeling on your mobile. Apart from this, Harbor has many other settings like placing the dock on whichever edge of the device you want or also mess with the size of the dock upon your liking. There is also an option to change the wave size where the apps rise in the wave form when you hover your finger over it and then simply release it to access that app. The functioning is literally that simple.
Apart from that there are notification settings where you can program the app icon to jump upon receiving a notification in certain time intervals as per your liking. And that is a pretty cool feature to stay informed of new and unchecked notifications. And one really cool feature is the dot notification where a small black dot appears below the app icon to show if the app is running in the background.
So all in all Harbor is a really interesting and cool jailbreak tweak available for your iPhone and makes your life using the iPhone really simple. The only bad news here is that is compatible only with iOS 8 and above, so all those using iOS 7 are missing out on this. Hopefully an update down the line can provide compatibility with old iOS versions.

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