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DisturbMeLater: Fix the current Do not Disturb issues


Apple introduced a nice Do not disturb feature with the latest iOS 8 update. But if you did not happen to notice it, there is a small bug that Apple kind of forgot to work on, and that is the automatically switch off the feature if not set a timing. That might end of the day result in your iPhone not disturbing you at all ever making you feel all lonely all of a sudden.
So to combat that issue which Apple missed, some of the amazing developers at Cydia have worked up on a nice tweak for this. It is termed DisturbMeLater. Might seem a bit uncanny, but it is quite logical and sensible taking into account that it actually disturbs you with all the notifications.
The way this Cydia tweak works is that you can actually set up a timer as to when the do not disturb feature gets activated and when it automatically disables. Hence the user if he/she forgets to disable the do not disturb feature option, then the DisturbMeLater kicks in on the set time and disables the do not disturb feature allowing you to use your phone without even worrying about the do not disturb feature working properly or not.
Now using this cool jailbreak Cydia tweak is really simple as you do not have to jump into settings all the time for that, you can just easily access it from the control center itself. After going into the control center you can find the DisturbMeLater tweak option from where you can easily control it. You can turn it on and off and even set a time for it to switch do not disturb off. The tuning toggle is set to every minute.

DisturbMeLater Do not disturb
The display of this is available in the control center. Upon swiping up from the bottom, where are the Wi-Fi, Mobile data, etc. toggles are present, on the top of the toggles a single notification will appear with a countdown of when the Do Not Disturb feature will be activated.
This is a really cool jailbreak tweak and most importantly something that Apple originally should have had thought about in the first place. But hey, better have a tweak than not have it at all, right? So you can get this Cydia iOS 8 tweak on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for absolutely free use this tweak and let us know your thoughts on it.

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