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Completely New Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks Launched in 2015

Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2015

New Cydia Tweaks 2015
Apple’s spoilsport with the iOS 8.1.3 patch might have deterred many a developers working on new tweaks for Apple devices, but inspite of it all we do have quite some new tweaks that were launched in 2015 via Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Though the number is less than what it had been since the last couple of years, but still something is better than nothing, isn’t it? The following list of tweaks can be downloaded from Cydia version 1.1.16 and onwards:
Clean Up (Free): This tweak removes the web address from the control center when the users are streaming any media.
Disable App Switcher Rotation (Free): This tweak performs as the namesake; it disables the rotation animation in the task switcher.
Flipbook (Free): Facebook works best in Portrait mode but Flipbook jailbreak tweak provides a nice auto-rotate feature to it.
Keyboard Accio (Free): When you have multiple keyboards loaded on the iPhone, then Keyboard Accio Cydia tweak helps you switch your keyboard quickly than the stock method.
Messenger+ (Free): It does not work as a messenger per se but allows the users to access the internal Facebook settings which one might not be able to access without this Cydia jailbreak tweak.
MoreThanSMS (Free): It gives the message app the ability to even make calls directly from it.
NCBrowser 8 (Free): Suppose you get a notification and wish to access the internet immediately, then NCBrowser 8 will help you out with that.
NoWakeOnRinger (Free): This is a small and subtle Cydia tweak where when you switch from Vibrator mode to Ringer, then the screen wont wake up, this saving thus precious battery seconds.
SaveGram (Free): No other tweak can do this, but SaveGram can, it allows you to save photos and videos from Instagram to your phone.
SimpleNC (Free): This small tweak just changes the look of the notification panel making it a bit more streamlined.
Call Enhancer ($0.99): This Cydia tweak allows you to make calls without displaying your number to the caller. It is a premium tweak though.
MultiIconMover ($0.99): This cool jailbreak tweak allows you to select and move multiple app icons at a time.
DathMessages ($1.99): A sleek iOS jailbreak tweak, it allows the user to change the colour of the parts in the stock messages app.
Pasithea ($1.99): If you copy a large amount of text, then Pasithea can help you save that for further use to save the hassles of selecting and copying that same amount of text again and again.
Photo Timestamp ($1.99): This tweak puts on a timestamp on the photos in the stock photos app.
Harbor ($2.99): If you are looking for a nice app dock on your iPhone just like the one on iOS on the desktop, then Harbor can give you one.
Here is our compilation of all the jailbreak tweaks released in 2015. Do shoot in the comments below if you know any more than the ones mentioned here.

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