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How to change the root password on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad in iOS 8

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Apple products are world renowned for their robust security. This is the reason why many security agencies across the world prefer using Apple products since they don’t have to worry about getting their devices hacked and getting sensitive data in the wrong hands. But all this is only possible in the stock state and not the jailbreak version though. Sadly the jailbreak version is pretty much remotely accessible and hackable to access your data and also transfer malicious data.

So to keep that from happening it is that much more necessary to change your Root Password on your jailbroken Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. And to do that, simply follow the following steps.

Note: The main thing you need here is an app called Mobile Terminal which works similar to a command prompt on your Apple devices. But the sad news is that it is not yet available for iOS 8. But luckily there is another similar app called MTerminal compatible with iOS 8. To get MTerminal, you will have to acquire it from the Cydia store and download and install it.

Now that you have MTerminal, one thing you need to remember is that Apple by default has set the root password to alpine. So do keep that handy when changing your root password.

Change the root password

Now comes the actual task of changing the root password as follows:

    1. Open MTerminal from the app icon on your home screen.
    2. Once the command prompt opens up, then type in su root and press return.
    3. change root password with MTerminal

    4. Then you will be asked to enter the default password, which is alpine. So you enter that and press return.
    5. Now you will be asked to enter the new password which you can now enter whichever you want to your liking and then press return again and you are done.

    Change the mobile password

    After changing the root password you should change the user password. Follow the steps to change the mobile user password.

    1. Write passwd mobile and press on the return key
    2. Enter alpine as the new password and tap on return key again
    3. Re-enter alpine to confirm the password and press the return key

    Note: Whenever you enter the new password, whatever you press on the screen will not be displayed due to security reasons, so do not worry about things not getting types in properly.

    So now that the root password has been changed, you can rest easy knowing that no Tom, Dick or Harry can hack into your Apple devices and access your data or spread malicious data to your device.

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