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Change iPhone Lock Screen style with SleekCode


Privacy and safety of our devices is of utmost importance, but then we are pretty much tired of the same old lockscreen passcode display now. And the worst part is that we cannot really change anything there. But all that is going to change now with a new iOS 8 jailbreak Cydia tweak that has arrived on BigBoss repo, SleekCode.
Now if you are thinking that this might be something cool, well, cool it is, yes. But apart from that it allows you to play with the UI of the lockscreen so that you won’t get tired of the same old thing all the time. So what is the new Cydia Jailbreak tweak SleekCode; let’s check it out.
When you download and install SleekCode on your jailbreak iPhone, then in the settings menu, you will find a new preference below for SleekCode. Going in there will take you to the SleekCode settings where you will find three options, Blur, Alpha and Button Rings. These settings can be toggled by you manually as per your liking to set the blur settings, Alpha settings and to remove or keep the buttons rings.

SleekCode Lock Screen
Apart from that, below there are two other toggles to remove the emergency caller button and unlock chevron hiding toggle. You can use these to further add small touched to the passcode screen. After all the settings have been made and saved, you need to Respring or lock your device for changes to be saved. The Respring option is provided at the very bottom.
After that you can just use your phone as you go and whenever you unlock your device, you can see this amazing Cydia tweak taking effect and your new passcode screen coming up every time you ask for it.
The SleekCode jailbreak Cydia tweak is actually not that great an innovation but it is a very small yet subtle tweak that can change a minor part of your iPhone experience but beautify it a bit more. After all it is all about giving more customization options to the user. So get this free Cydia tweak from the BigBoss repo and toggle your passcode screen to your own liking.

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