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Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks for Reachability

Best Reachability Cydia tweaks

reachability enabled

The thing about working with devices with larger screens is that they give a lot of room to work around as well as provide for some great viewing pleasure. If you are using your device for multimedia functions, the big screen is a huge advantage. But on the flipside working on such big devices with a single hand becomes equally tedious and tough. Imagine you are getting out of a supermarket with bags in one hand and you have to access your phone with another, the issues are innumerable. So to make life a lot easier, we have been provided with an amazing tweak of Reachability. This cool tweak allows us the luxury of operating large display devices with a single hand by shrinking the working area.

But with a jailbreak device, the Reachability tweak just becomes that whole lot cooler and way more fun to operate and play around with, especially it can be beautified as well as could be brought to a much better use overall. So hence we are going to check out some amazing jailbreak tweaks for reachability for iPhones.

Widget Center

This is an amazing tweak that mixes reachability with functionality. Developed by Mitch Treece, this cool jailbreak tweak adds up cool widgets to the empty space upon activating reachability. There is a cool toggle in the preferences to enable of disable it and also toggles to enable individual widgets like control center, app switcher, weather, music, time, etc.


ReachApp has been the best Reachability tweak performer over the last couple of weeks bringing true multi-tasking to the user by allowing operation of multiple apps (2 at a time). Though it was in Beta since quite some time, some series of new updates has seen the app being moved out of Beta pretty soon.


BannerBuddy is pretty much your best friend when it comes to Reachability. What this cool tweak does is, it even moves your notification banners down to the shrunken work area so that you can access them easily whereas before they would only be displayed on the top of the display even when reachability was invoked.


ColorFill is a cool color sensing and adjusting tweak which changes the black color of the blank reachability area to the color of your currently active app. Like for example you are on Facebook, then ColorFill will automatically check out the color of the background and change the blank area to either white or blue depending upon the preference.


This is a cool multitasking tweak right on your fingertips. What this cool tweak does is it changes the blank space on top into a task switcher when reachability is invoked. So you can easily switch between apps on demand without pressing the home button twice to access your stock app switcher.


This is a small tweak just to add a little entertainment and cuteness quotient to your iPhone when you invoke reachability on your device. You can simple activate the tweak in the stock settings app and then when you invoke reachability, the NyanCat animation makes its way on top of the device display in the blank space.

Carpe Diem

This reachability tweak allows us to get a widget in the blank space when reachability is invoked. But the main attractive point here is that it allow almost any widget, then be it a stock widget or else any other third party widget downloaded from outside, you can set it up to display the widget of your choice from the settings menu and upon invoking reachability, the widget will be displayed updated to the latest information.


For all those weather fanatics who love to stay in touch with Mother Nature’s happenings all the time, this jailbreak tweak will be of great interest to you all. With ReachWeather, when you invoke reachability on your phone the blank space will display all the weather updates like temperature, the climate, etc. of the location where you are located or of the location whose weather updates you have asked for.


Unlike ColorFill which changes the color of the black blank area of reachability, this cool jailbreak tweak allows the control of the colors in the hands of the user. So the user can pretty much set the color of the blank space to whichever he/she wants or likes. And they can choose from the huge preset options as well as choose their own color my mixing and matching the given RGB colors.


This is a cool tweak that involves getting your work done single-handedly as well as playing around with your apps as well. This tweak makes some interesting use of your device’s accelerometer. What this does is that when you are working on the app and wants to reach some other part of the app, you would have to scroll. But with this great jailbreak tweak, you just have to tilt the device in which you can the app to flow and the app will move along. Just tilt it back up straight when you reach the required point.


For all those totting older versions of iPhone with smaller screens do not have the ability to use reachability on their device since Apple does not feel they have to need for it. But for those who want to play for it, ReachAll gives them the ability to invoke reachability on their older iPhone 5S, 5C and 5 running iOS 8.


ForceReach is more of an enforcer of reachability for iPhones. The thing with reachability is that it does not work in landscape mode and also it has a timeout feature where reachability toggles off automatically if left unused for longer durations. So in this case ForceReach tweak comes a lot handy as it not only allows you to use reachability in landscape mode but also gives an option to disable the timeout feature for reachability.


This is a very useful jailbreak tweak for all those poor users who are using older hardware and cannot upgrade their old devices to iOS 8. So all those iOS 7 totting users can get this tweak on their jailbreak iPhone and use reachability on their older iPhones.

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