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Apple Aiming to Avoid iOS 8 Mistakes with iOS 9

Apple Aiming to Avoid iOS 8 Mistakes with iOS 9

Apple Aiming to Avoid iOS 8 Mistakes with iOS 9
When Apple released iOS 8, it was a huge hit. And why wouldn’t it be, it was absolutely loaded with features. Features that were unheard of till that time and the amazing amount and level of integration that iOS 8 held within its devices like the iPhone, iPads and the iCloud, it was a true technological masterpiece. But then among all the hoopla, there came one thing that totally almost the destroyed the entire aura that was around iOS 8; the bugs, and not just some but many of them.

In the lieu of introducing the best, Apple happened to have overlooked a lot of bugs that were in the system. Guess the development team must have had fallen short of the deadline and Apple did not want to risk a public humiliation of non-deliverance. Then came the hoorays and all the exclamations in the book when iOS 8 hit the devices with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and within a couple of week as people started getting familiar and using the OS more, the bugs started to surface out.

Now the team at Apple did manage to fix many of those with the updates down the line viz. iOS 8.1.1, 8.1.2 and the latest iOS 8.1.3 which has had the entire jailbreak community into frenzy. But even with all that, whatever happened at the beginning stayed with Apple and its consumers and which is why Apple has sworn to making sure this time that the OS will absolutely not be buggy. Stability is what they will be trying to achieve first and later all the features.

References are being made in the tech community back to 2009 when Apple has released the OS X Snow Leopard update; it pretty much stabilized the OS for the desktop. That is what the current Apple consumers have been looking for from Apple after the entire iOS 8 fiasco. Now with Apple reportedly or is being rumoured to be working on iOS 9, whichever be the name of the upcoming iteration of the next generation OS or an update, people are looking for a much more subtle, settled and most importantly, a stable version now.

iOS 9 will definitely have a lot of features new, like a complete new UI, new features, upgrades to the current apps and the main focus, to keep the size of the OS as low as possible. The last part seems to be holding more importance as of now because Apple not allowing for expandable storage options in their devices is putting quite some pressure to provide the user as much of storage space possible from whatever limited space that is in-built in the device on the lower end devices.

It will be interesting what Apple manages to come up with in the next iteration of the OS but all we hope for is that it works and does not crash.

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