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AdvancedSettings8: Access hidden Settings on your iOS 8 Device

AdvancedSettings8 for iOS 8

AdvancedSettings8 for iOS 8

For all those geeks out there who are looking for options to play with your iPhones the way one can play on rooted Android devices, finally we have news mates, good news. Finally after jailbreaking your iPhones, you can play with your iPhones to your hearts content using this new Cydia tweak, Advanced Settings 8. If you are one of those self-proclaimed geniuses who claim to know absolutely everything about an iPhone and tweak it any way you want, this new jailbreak tweak will certainly make you challenge your said notions.
Advanced Settings 8 is a one of the nice Cydia apps and tweaks out there for your jailbroken iPhones. The best part is that it provides the user with so much of control over their phones, that most of the users would not even know what much of the jargon in there even means. There is stuff in there that reads Mass, Stiffness, Epsilon, Damping and what all and what not.
So if you want to fuel that nerd inside you using all those jailbreak apps and tweaks, then Advanced Settings 8 is definitely a cool one for you. So let’s take a quick tour of how Advanced Settings 8 operates. First of all, when you install Advanced Settings 8, you will notice a new preference being made available in your setting menu.
But that is really not how it works. Inside settings, you select the Advanced Settings options and it only takes you to a single toggle where you can either select to turn advanced settings tweak on or off. So if you want to get into the actual advanced settings, you need to long press on the settings icon on the home screen with the toggle inside kept on. This will open up the entire Advanced Settings menu from where you can access almost literally everything about the way your iPhone works.
Let me give you a short list of the options available to tweak for you. There is Parallax, Folders settings like nested folders options, icon animations, control center to control how the phone works, lock screen, app switcher, CarPlay, Lock Screen test plugin, Screen fade animations, alert items, Notification center, Legibility, Wallpaper, Home Button, reachability and many more. And these are only the upper crust of what I am telling you, each of these options further have more tweaks inside of them to fine tune the settings to your likings.
So all you nerdy publics out there looking to play around and mess with your iPhones in much more details than now, you can get this great Cydia tweak, Advanced Settings 8 and go about showing off to people what all you can do using this amazing jailbreak tweak on your iPhones. And if you are one of those with the new iPhones running iOS 8 and above, Advanced Settings 8 works on iOS 8 jailbreaks as well, so more reasons for you all to celebrate as well.
Advanced Settings 8 is a nice jailbreak tweak to be had, though pretty sure most of the users will not even understand most of the stuff that goes in there. But just to pass your time and play around with your iPhones, you can get this free Cydia tweak available on BigBoss repo for you to download.

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