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[Video] Leaked Images of C shell interface of Windows 10 on smartphones


It has been just leaked the first images of the famous C shell , the new interface of Windows 10 can fit all display sizes, even on a smartphone.

First images of the C shell

As we tried to show a few months ago , it is the new interface of Windows 10 in all devices, adapted to the size of a common smartphone. As you can see in the video above, we find the Desktop interface that we know, with the same Start screen, and Notification Center settings. C shell also has landscape mode with a horizontally extended Start screen when the device is turned on.
The new interface also brings with it the improvements of the alleged Continuum 2.0 , announced by Microsoft, with window resizing can finally offer a true multitasking.
C shell is not all roses , as anticipated by the rumor of these days, Silverlight applications are not supported – the older ones like WhatsApp, in other words, do not work.
At present it is unclear what Microsoft will do, if this great new interface will come in the current version of Windows 10 Mobile.

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