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ReachApp: Turn your iOS 8 to True Split-Screen Multitasking


With the iPhone is getting bigger screens, it has opened up a new possibility of multitasking and that is using 2 apps at the same time in the same window. Now something like this is available for Android already, but split-screen multitasking has not been introduced by Apple yet in iOS. However now we have a new Cydia tweak brought to us by our very own jailbreak tweak developer Elijah Frederickson.
ReachApp is the tweak that allows us to use two apps at the same time. You can get this app off the BigBoss repo for absolutely free and start using ReachApp. The one thing about this app is that this tweak is still under-development. So do not be surprised if you encounter some bugs while using the tweak. The developer is looking to improve in the current design and there are plans to provide a much improved user experience than now. But for now this is the best tweak available to use this feature.
After downloading the tweak, you can see its preference being available in the settings menu. In there you can see the toggles which help you access the kill switch and other operational functions. So after you have acquired the tweak, all you need to do is activate it by switching on the activation toggle in the settings preference.
After that you need to open two apps which you want to simultaneously, one after the other. So suppose you wish to use WhatsApp and Facebook together, then you can open Facebook, and then using the TouchID home button open WhatsApp, the order decides which one comes on top and which one the bottom. The app opens on the display lands on top. When you tap the TouchID button twice then the second app comes from the bottom and joins the display.
After this, both the apps will be available to be used in the display. There will be a small grey bar dividing both the apps somewhere in the between which you can adjust to your liking as to which app you wish to see more or less or according to what your preference is. And that’s it, that’s how you can use two apps at the same time. Maybe in the future we could use more than 2 apps at a same time, but that is for the future. For now let’s work with what we have.
ReachApp has one big bug that needs immediate attention and that is the functioning in landscape mode, but that is something which will happen with time as this Cydia jailbreak app is still in the making. There are issues with the multitasking feature because of the data intake and using two apps at the same time, but we are pretty positive that this Cydia tweak is going to be one of our top tweaks and one of our favorite jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.

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