Get a cool dock on your iOS device with Harbor

We all have been struggling with finding the apps on out iPhones which we use most regularly, especially when they are spread out in multiple pages. So as a simpler option to it, we now have a new jailbreak tweak available called Harbor. This is a pretty cool tweak out there for your iPhones where […]

How to prevent apps from being deleted on your iPhone [Jailbreak Only]

It can get really frustrating when you install an app, it lies in your phone unused for many days and then you happen to delete it and voila, within sometime a situation arise when you needed that app again. So then you have to now go into all that trouble to download that app again […]

Tintch: Jailbreak Tweak to Style up your iOS

The flagship iPhone is the most used smartphone in the market today. There are toggle switches used in iOS devices with traditional and boring color scheme for them. The settings for any application or in stock settings, there will be toggle switches to turn any feature on or off. If you are sick of seeing […]

DisturbMeLater: Fix the current Do not Disturb issues

Apple introduced a nice Do not disturb feature with the latest iOS 8 update. But if you did not happen to notice it, there is a small bug that Apple kind of forgot to work on, and that is the automatically switch off the feature if not set a timing. That might end of the […]

Change iPhone Lock Screen style with SleekCode

Privacy and safety of our devices is of utmost importance, but then we are pretty much tired of the same old lockscreen passcode display now. And the worst part is that we cannot really change anything there. But all that is going to change now with a new iOS 8 jailbreak Cydia tweak that has […]

NoBarScreen: Take iPhone Screenshots without Status bar

Taking screen shots has become one of the great means to share information with people. Something that you have on your screen and you wish to share it with someone else, all you need to do is to get a screenshot and that’s that. You can now send that image file created via email or […]

Auxo Tweak for iOS 8 is Coming Soon

Auxo, a nice Cydia tweak that was available for your jailbreak iPhone is now getting a nice new fresh update. And what this is getting for the tweak is something really cool that was displayed a while back on the Verge forum, but no one really thought of it to reality. Now the Auxo team […]

AdvancedSettings8: Access hidden Settings on your iOS 8 Device

For all those geeks out there who are looking for options to play with your iPhones the way one can play on rooted Android devices, finally we have news mates, good news. Finally after jailbreaking your iPhones, you can play with your iPhones to your hearts content using this new Cydia tweak, Advanced Settings 8. […]

5 Best Free Travel Apps for iPhone

Travelling is an integral part of human life. It’s the best way to get your mind refreshed and then start concentrating on the regular life. Travelling these days has been quite easier with the help of the apps that are available on iPhone. The iPhone apps help in your travelling by giving you assistance at […]

WhatsApp will allow you to save chat in Google Drive

WhatsApp reaches the possibility of making backups through Google Drive One of the things that can become quite cumbersome is to transfer all the data of WhatsApp to a new device, it can seem much more complicated if you try to move from Android to iOS and vice versa. For this reason WhatsApp has decided […]

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