Apple Aiming to Avoid iOS 8 Mistakes with iOS 9

When Apple released iOS 8, it was a huge hit. And why wouldn’t it be, it was absolutely loaded with features. Features that were unheard of till that time and the amazing amount and level of integration that iOS 8 held within its devices like the iPhone, iPads and the iCloud, it was a true […]

iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak Status Update

Apple recently released the new update for its iOS 8, the 8.1.3. Now this is good news for all the Apple users but it can’t be a worse nightmare in the jailbreak community and users alike. Apparently, Apple have gone a pretty smart way and have patched up all the iOS vulnerabilities that were being […]

Atom: Get an awesome Lock Screen on your iOS device

If you are tired of the usual lockscreen and looking for some change, then Atom is here to save the day. This cool jailbreak tweak is brought to us by the Surenix team with its new developer on board, Daniel Turner. Those who have used iOS 7 and had a jailbreak iPhone must be a […]

iOS 8.1.3 released: Here’s what you Need to Know

Apple recently released the next version of iOS 8, the 8.1.3. Now those who are familiar with how new software updates go, you can be pretty sure that all the known latest bugs and loopholes are fixed in by Apple on the latest software update and that also means fixing the jailbreak on the Apple […]

How to change the root password on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad in iOS 8

Apple products are world renowned for their robust security. This is the reason why many security agencies across the world prefer using Apple products since they don’t have to worry about getting their devices hacked and getting sensitive data in the wrong hands. But all this is only possible in the stock state and not […]

Aoraki: iOS Jailbreak Tweak Performs Multiple Actions

A single tweak to do all your required functions is the dream, and that dream is finally a reality too. Aoraki, the new jailbreak tweak released brings the power to the user, literally. This lovely virtual always on button on your screen brings a plethora of controls and actions to your fingertips for you to […]

Launch your Favorite apps from the Lock screen with BerryC8

We love tweaks that reduce our efforts and allow for greater accessibility to our iPhones, especially those which work quite in tandem with TouchID. One such jailbreak tweak that we have here today is the BerryC8. What is special with this jailbreak tweak is that it is cool and it is free. So yes, you […]

Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks for Reachability

The thing about working with devices with larger screens is that they give a lot of room to work around as well as provide for some great viewing pleasure. If you are using your device for multimedia functions, the big screen is a huge advantage. But on the flipside working on such big devices with […]

Get a cool dock on your iOS device with Harbor

We all have been struggling with finding the apps on out iPhones which we use most regularly, especially when they are spread out in multiple pages. So as a simpler option to it, we now have a new jailbreak tweak available called Harbor. This is a pretty cool tweak out there for your iPhones where […]

How to move multiple app icons and folders on your iPhone at the same time

You have to agree that moving apps and icons from one end to the other on the iPhone is quite a task and it is no simple task to undertake especially if you want to move more than one of those at a time. So moving say 5-6 apps icons one at a time is […]

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