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iFile updated for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

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iFile for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

iFile, the personalized file manager for iOS recently received its latest update. For those Apple devices users who might not have heard of the app iFile, well, it is a Cydia app. To get this app, one needs a jailbroken iOS with a third party app known as Cydia. What is new in the current version is that iFile is now compatible with the iOS 8 and also the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

For those who might not be familiar with jailbreak, it is equivalent to a rooted device for the Android eco-system. So consider jailbreaking as in rooting your iPhone or any Apple device like your Mac, iPad, etc. The latest iOS 8 compatibility means that iFile can now also be run on your jailbroken iPads as well as your Macs running OS X Yosemite as well.

This Cydia exclusive app, apart from the compatibility updates, has received a lot more goodies from the developers. The current 2.2.0 version gets some useful performance enhancement improvements and bugs being resolved. But some of the major changes are as follows:


  1. There is now greater and deeper access of the files on your Apple devices which Apple generally keeps hidden from you.
  2. The icon for the app has been updated to give it a more modern and contemporary look.
  3. The search icon now changes into an activity monitor/indicator while the app is in use.
  4. The bug about Bluetooth transfers using GameKit has been resolved.
  5. The iOS 8 launcher crashing issue has been resolved.

One of the cool features this new update has received is that now one can install .deb file formats on their iPhone directly which is like using your own Mac. This makes things a lot easier and also removes some of the hassles of using the app stores for everything. But even though all that, the Cydia is a pretty nice place to get all the jailbreak apps and compatible apps and also the developers there are pretty active to make sure the most updated and stable version of the app is made available.

So now whenever you happen to get a new Mac or and iPhone 6 or else simply update your other iPhones to iOS 8, you can jailbreak the OS and get iFile using Cydia and access all the files and data on your Apple devices which you did not even knew existed. You can access literally all kinds of files from your very own system files to your media and entertainment files using iFile version 2.2.0.

For all those who already have the iFile installed on their devices can get the update now. As for the new users, you need to pay a one-time charge of $3.99 for downloading iFile from the Cydia store and then the rest of the updates and tech support are absolutely free.

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