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How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 on Mac OS X Using Virtual Machine

TaiG Mac OS X

The bad news of many of our jailbreak Apple fans is that the TaiG jailbreak tool for iOS 8.1.1 is not yet available for our very own Mac OS X. now other than this being a bad news is also one of the most embarrassing situation that the latest TaiG jailbreak tool is available for Windows and not Mac. Well, since most of our iPhone and iPad users do use Windows PCs the move actually makes sense. But this is again very much frustrating to our own Mac users who feel unfair.

But well, no need to worry anymore since we have Virtual Machines for that, YAY! Now you all Mac users can get that Virtual Machine of Windows on your Macs and jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 devices with ease. And let me tell you one thing, if you are fretting out about not knowing how to do it, man here we are to help you out with that.

Disclaimer Note:

This is the most depressing part about this entire thing, but you need to be told this as a reminder before starting which pretty sure most of you already know. Jailbreaking your Apple devices is against the laws and hence there is no more Apple warranty or Apple care packages that can cover your devices if they run into a snag or get broken. Whatever you do and try during jailbreak and afterwards is entirely your responsibility and we are in no ways responsible or liable for the consequences that might occur. Phew! That mumbo-jumbo is done; let’s get to the task at hand.


Here is a list of things that you need for your ordeal while you attempt to jailbreak your device:

  1. VMWare Fusion Software
  2. Windows 7 Enterprise Edition Disk Image/ISO
  3. A working internet connection
  4. iTunes
  5. TaiG
  6. iOS 8.1.1 device to jailbreak
  7. Chips and juice/soda/beer; quantity depending on your internet connection speed and computer speed.


  1. Backup your device either with iCloud or iTunes
  2. Enable Airplane mode
  3. Disable passcode or screen lock


    1. Download and install VMWare Fusion software which is the Virtual Machine client for your Mac. (the downloading and installing is when you will need the chips and drinks to kill the time)

VMWare Fusion

    1. Download Windows 7 ISO. (Again the food will be handy)
    2. Launch VMWare and load the Windows 7 ISO in it and let it work the magic.

VMWare Disk Image

  1. Make sure you have your iTunes handy.
  2. Now download TaiG for iOS 8.1.1.

Once you have all of this, now the real fun begins.

  1. Set up your Virtual Machine; it should not take long really.
  2. The TaiG zip file should be on the Virtual Machine. For that you can simply move your TaiG software on a pen drive and then connect it to your system running Virtual Windows. Then extract the TaiG zip file and run the software as an administrator.
  3. Always run it as an administrator and not simply, do make a note of that.
  4. After that has been done and the device has been connected and detected, simple in the two ticks, keep the “Cydia” selected and deselect the other option. It will all be in Chinese, but do not worry, trust our word for that.
  5. After selection simply go for the green jailbreak button. It will configure your device and check for everything, and then once then, it will jailbreak your device, just like that.
  6. Voila! We are done, your Apple device running iOS 8.1.1 is jailbroken and you also now get Cydia out of the box which is a great feature.
  7. Note: after the jailbreak the device configuration takes a lot of time, so do not worry about that, just let it do its thing and you can go out for a walk to digest all the chips and drinks that you might have had.

Finally your Apple device is jailbroken. It is seriously that simple and do make sure not to lose the Virtual Machine just yet, you might need it for further jailbreaking of the later iOS versions. And please do take care of your device as it is not covered under warranty anymore. Have fun, explore and enjoy your Apple devices. If you feel any issues, do ask us by commenting down below. Adios!

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