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Anchor: Cydia Tweak to Customize iOS Home Screen

Anchor cydia tweak

The flagship iPhone operating system iOS provide their users default home screen layout in the devices. If you are tired of using that default home screen layout, then here is a solution for your problem in this article. If you are well known to the cydia tweaks, then you may have heard about the name of Gridlock. Gridlock is a jailbreaking cydia tweak which allows the users to arrange and manage their icons on home screen with spaces in them. Here comes another interesting and more useful than Gridlock cydia application called Anchor.
Anchor is developed by cydia tweak developer Brogan Miner. People who love to decorate their things will surely love this application. Anchor will allow placing the icons of the applications anywhere on the home screen rather than arranging them in form of rows and columns.
Now the users of iOS can alter and customize their home screens like android users. If you are willing to use the free space of your home screen springboard, then this is the right application to use. Anchor will allow placing all the favorite app icons on the springboard. As soon as anchor is installed in your device, you can start re-arranging and placing your liked application icons on the homescreen. The icons will not be magnetized with each other so it means that you can move the icons freely without having any issue.
Once the anchor is installed in the device, user will be able to locate preference panel in the stock settings application. Beside the basic feature of Anchor, there are different features included in it. Users can enable or disable Anchor cydia app easily. They can also view or reset the layouts for the home screen. The reset option will remove the spaces between application icons on particular page. This will be a handy feature to perform action in one tap rather than doing manually one-by-one for each application icon. The each page can contain different application icons in it. You can place the favorite app icons on each page according to the preference and usage. This will excite the users to choose this application because every page will have different type of anchor layout.

Anchor cydia tweak
Beside all these features of anchor there is one thing which is really important to note that Anchor is not available free of cost. To avail the functionality of this cydia tweak, user will have to purchase this application. The cydia application Anchor is available for the users on BigBoss repo for only 1.99$. So, purchase is needed in order to use the functionality of this application. The ability to customize the home screen layout with different pages will probably make it worth the price that it costs.
So, in short if you are willing to customize your iOS home screen layout, then anchor is the best cydia application available. What are your personal views about this latest cydia app? Let us know by commenting below.

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